One can be liberated now by the spiritual practice of singing the glory of the Lord and listening to the Name being sung. … It can help the process of liberation not only for the members of the Sai group … the whole world can benefit by the vibrations. I insist on group singing of the Names of the Lord. Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba has said, “Where my devotees sing, there I seat myself


Videos of Bhajans as well as other Special Programs are posted on youtube

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Live Bhajans (Audio Only) are streamed every Thursday and Sunday

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Join us to share moments that reflect on our connection with Sai

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Mixlr Live Stream

Mixlr is an Audio only live stream that is started during Regular Bhajan Times. There is also a standalone App for Android or Apple devices

Youtube Live Stream

Youtube Stream for our regular Bhajans will start at Regular Bhajan Times.

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