Short Clothing in Kenya
Short Clothing in Kenya
There are a few things to remember when traveling to Kenya.
The first is a country geared towards tourism, so you can avoid tourist routes only if you speak Swahili. Besides, it is stupid to refuse safari: even people cannot spoil your experience of wild animals.
It will not be possible to completely do without the services of local guides with a very different price tag and level of professionalism. Here everyone will offer their services: from organizing a safari to an exclusive trip to the market. You should not immediately dismiss the suggestions of these guides, having a guide who speaks the local language is more often useful than vice versa.
Second, in eastern and southern Africa, a foreign tourist is treated like a walking ATM. Boldly knock down any price that is given to you. Bargaining is accepted, but do it without aggression. Give alms also without fanaticism. Unfortunately, many here almost from infancy are accustomed to begging, even if they did not grow up in poverty.
Third, you still have to learn two expressions in Swahili (no, this knowledge is not enough to completely abandon the guide).
Pole Pole (“slowly”, “slowly”) and Hakuna Matata (“no problem”). Because, believe me, absolutely everything will be leisurely, and this is absolutely not a problem. This simple philosophy will save you thousands of nerve cells in Kenya, and on the continent in general. The staff in hotels and cafes will be slow, buses, planes and taxis will be delayed or may not appear at all. Hakuna matata!
First, you need to complete the documents – unfortunately, Russia is not included in the list of countries with visa-free entry, but getting a visa is quite easy. You just need to fill out a form on the website in the Immigration Services section and pay a fee of $ 51. “Confirmation of the issuance of a visa will come to your mail within a week. In rare cases, due to a system failure, obtaining an electronic visa can take two weeks, but we do not think that this will be a big problem, because tourists plan a trip to Kenya in advance, and the refusal of tourist visas is extremely rare, – says Dorothy Rotich, consul Embassy of Kenya in the Russian Federation. – Once you have received confirmation, be sure to print your visa and present it at passport control when crossing the border. The visa is a single entry, valid for 90 days, so you can stay in Kenya for almost three months – enough time to enjoy everything the country has to offer. ”
Then go to the pharmacy and, in addition to the standard set of medicines for a first-aid kit, buy pills for malaria – there are different drugs and protocols for their administration, it is better to consult a doctor about which one is right for you.
In addition to a first-aid kit, you should put a sunscreen in your suitcase (the websites of tour operators call Kenya crossing the equator a country of eternal summer) and a standard set of resort clothes – on the streets no one will blame you for short shorts or an open T-shirt.
An important point: if you are going on a safari, be sure to bring some discreet ensemble with you – wild animals will not appreciate the neon that is fashionable this season and may react aggressively to it. Hiking planned? Then sneakers or trekking boots come in handy.
As for fashionable designer things, you can also take them with you without fear: unless you specifically go to disadvantaged areas, on the streets of big cities, as well as in villages, no one will think of ripping off your Chanel bag from you.
Everything, now you are ready. You can go on a trip.
Before the pandemic, there were quite a few comfortable one-stop flights from Moscow, arriving in Nairobi via Amsterdam, Addis Ababa, Doha, Istanbul and Dubai. There were also flights to Mombasa, convenient if you first went to the beach, and then look at nature. Now there are fewer flights, but you will all change trains in the same cities (with rare exceptions).

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