Kids Shoes
Kids Shoes
Children are known to grow by leaps and bounds. And then there comes a moment when your child is ready to start walking, and then, in a panic, mom begins to choose the first shoes for the baby. A child’s shoes will have to be changed almost every season, but I don’t think we need to talk about how important high-quality and correct shoes are. To understand the many manufacturers and models of footwear on the market. I hope that even parents who are shoemaker-savvy will find new and useful information for themselves.
Adidas (Germany) is the Adidas Kids line of children’s footwear, which is made of high-tech materials that ensure the reliability, protection and safety of the child. For the convenience of trying on, the adiFIT insole was invented – a special removable insole that makes it easy to choose the right size of Adidas shoes for babies. Adidas presents collections from two divisions: Sport Performance (leading technology) and Sport Style. The adidas / Disney kids’ collection is produced as part of the Sport Performance division.
Antilopa (Russia) The production line includes all types of children’s footwear: slippers, shoes, boots, sneakers, sneakers, boots, rubber, molded and inflated footwear. The company is constantly improving production technologies, focusing on innovative developments in the field of materials, tailoring techniques, as well as medical requirements. Antilopa children’s shoes are made of genuine leather, environmentally friendly artificial materials, approved for the manufacture of children’s shoes by the Ministry of Health of Russia and certified.
Bagira (Romania) Thanks to the use of a membrane material, the feet of a child in Bagira shoes always have a constant temperature (about 31 В° C), without overheating or overcooling. Gore-Tex fits between the upper of the shoe and the lining. In addition to the Gore-Tex material, the outsole of the Bagheera winter footwear is made of PVC, and the lining material is faux fur. The entire lineup is distinguished by bright, juicy colors, which, of course, will please both children and their parents.
Bambini (Russia) The production line includes booties and sandals for the smallest fashionistas and fashionistas, as well as sandals, shoes, boots and boots for every taste. When developing models, manufacturers take into account the anatomical structure of children’s feet, as well as take into account height and weight (different age groups). All children’s shoes have orthopedic characteristics – an elastic cushion, an instep support and a hard heel. The upper of the shoe is made of natural materials, artificial leather, which reliably protect the child’s foot from getting wet and other environmental influences, and are also easy to clean. The inner part is made of genuine leather, which ensures comfort even during the longest walks, and a special insole contributes to the correct development of the foot.
Barracuda (Russia) The production line includes sandals, sandals, shoes, boots, low shoes, sneakers, sneakers, boots. Barracuda carefully observes the rule: the maximum possible height of the heel in children’s shoes should not exceed one fourteenth of the length of the foot.
Bartek (Poland) Bartek children’s shoes are presented in all types: slippers, sandals with soft inserts, sandals, boots, waterproof shoes with Sympatex (the technology provides almost absolute waterproofness, and the inner thin membrane has properties that allow shoes to “breathe”), sneakers, boots lambskin. Children’s shoes produced by the company have a number of distinctive features. First of all, this is a two-component outsole – the outer part is made of durable rubber, and the inner part is made of polyurethane, and rubber peeling from polyurethane is completely excluded. Thanks to this combination, the outsole is very flexible and durable. Another innovative development is special pads with a polyurethane film placed inside the shoe. These pads prevent the sole from deforming under the pressure of the foot. The “shock absorber” system is used to absorb vibrations that are typical when walking on a hard surface. To improve ventilation, there are round spikes under the insole that also massage the foot. Kids Shoes
Buddy dog ​​(Russia – China) produces the following types of children’s footwear: sandals, sandals, shoes, boots, boots. When creating models, the anatomical features of the child’s foot were taken into account, which excludes any developmental defects. Children’s shoes “Buddy Dog” are completely safe even when worn for a long time, they are comfortable and have a high degree of wear resistance. However, it cannot be said that this shoe is distinguished by its special design, originality of style or some other exclusive features.
Clarks (England) For the manufacture of Clarks children’s models, only the best materials are used – genuine leather of the highest quality, as well as high-tech breathable materials. Thanks to this, the legs of the child do not overheat and do not sweat. Some models are manufactured using the Active Air technology, which provides additional air ventilation. In addition, such shoes are very springy – walking in them is easy and comfortable.
Columbia (USA) Shoes for children are made on modern equipment from innovative materials that are highly waterproof, the required degree of hygroscopicity and good ventilation (thanks to the use of Omni-Tech technology) – in such shoes the skin of the feet “breathes”, which means it does not sweat and does not overheats. And thanks to the use of modern insulation, your child will not be afraid of any frost. All materials are lightweight, and therefore the models are lightweight and comfortable.
Crocs (USA) Produces children’s footwear of various models and for various purposes. The creators of the crosslight assure that the innovative material they have created also has a bacteriostatic effect and, therefore, the feet do not sweat in it, which only increases the comfort and popularity of Crocs footwear. Initially, it was assumed that “Kroks” will produce footwear exclusively for recreation on the beach, outdoors, for water sports. However, it soon became clear that the newly invented material had a much more interesting future. Lightweight, easy to clean, warm, durable and hygienic, crosslight has proven to be ideal for making children’s shoes.
Demar (Poland) A wide range of products are produced under the Demar brand for children: rubber boots, warm boots for winter and off-season (dutik), leather shoes and boots. Demar snowboots are extremely lightweight – small models weigh less than 500 grams. For small children, the light weight of the shoe is especially important. After all, it’s not very easy for kids to walk in the snow, and it’s even more difficult to do it in heavy shoes. Demar specialists took this nuance into account. Another plus of Demar dutikers is that many models are designed for a leg with problematic instep. Wide models with lacing or with an elastic band are perfect in this case. These shoes are very comfortable to wear, comfortable to wear.
ECCO (Denmark) Children’s footwear includes classic, casual models and models for active recreation, however, there is no clear division into the City, Casual, Performance groups in children’s footwear. Product quality is at the forefront of the production of footwear for children. The best materials are used to create all models, the production process is carefully controlled. The company’s specialists even closely monitor the manufacture of leather. By the way, the leather, which is used for sewing Ecco children’s shoes, received the highest rating from experts all over the world. In Ecco shoes, air circulates freely, which means that the baby’s skin breathes. And all this thanks to the leather lining and the climate control system invented by the company’s specialists. Ekko children’s shoes are comfortable, bright and light models for any weather.

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